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My fiance loves this comfy.
I really wanted to like these socks and I do, BUT I don't know why they stitched them in the toe. It's extremely uncomfortable because of it
Grease are some really nice looking sun glasses at a great price.
good kit only use the one reflective lens so far
For the price, these cant be beat. Nice construction, quality material and construction.
This was a really cute necklace but my only issue with it is that it the clasp seemed a little weak
I have a deep dislike for large bulky wallets and was looking for a simple item that could carry the cards and money I wanted without the size of most women's wallets. Suffice it to say, the women's selection continues to disappoint me and I moved to men's wallets. This is perfect. While it is very compact (I can even fit it in the back pocket of my skinny jeans), I easily keep all my cards, ids, and cash without even straining the seams. The only "downside" is there is no where to put any coins. However, I tend to just put them in my pocket and empty my pockets at the end of the day so this really doesn't affect me.

Overall I would highly recommend this product if you're looking for a small wallet with plenty of organization.
very comfortable
Too large or something. They won't stay up over my nose.
Would like the buyer of the Polo golf shirts to color cordninate from a black strip to matching color of the shirt.
The belt looks great and fits exactly as expected. However, the black dye leeches out and has stained two pairs of pants and a couple of shirts that I've worn with the belt. So unless you want to ruin your pants with black stains, do not purchase this item.
Got to use with my concealed carry gun and it works fine
It is much shorter than it appears in picture. Also is very thin and fragile looking.
It was a gift for my daughter, she loves it.
Super rough and non-stretchy material. Uncomfortable. Would not buy again!
I teach and just needed an everyday bag for my things. I buy a new bag every year, this year I decided to buy this bag. It's sturdy and holds what I need. I like the material and have no complaints. The straps aren't too short, or too long. I look forward to seeing how long it will hold up to everyday wear and tear.
Keeps feet dry, super comfortable, and they look good.
Great fit!!
I was a little afraid to purchase this hooded but it came in pink and that's one of my favorite colors, so I took a chance and I am glad I did because it is made of that good material and it fits great.
Very well made wallet.
Cute but cheap. I cant tell if they gave me two rights or two lefts, but I guess it doesnt matter.
Great price and quality. I ordered from Amazon not a third party and they are clearly authentic Ray-Ban.
Love this wallet. Too bad the inside zipper broke within a week. I guess paying $40 for a wallet doesn't make it any better quality.
Great for the price
I love how everything came on time , thank You amazon
Good fit
Exactly what I hoped. One of those hats you see people wearing at the beach and say, "damn I wish I had one of those hats". Well now I have one! 100% worth the money. No issues with it being messed up in shipping. Would def recommend. I'm buying another pattern so I can have another for a guest.